Integrated Building Design Records from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that buildings account for more than 39 percent of total energy use and nearly 70 percent of total electricity use in the United States.  Getting on track to reduce this high level of consumption requires an integrated building design process, in which all stakeholders – architect, engineers, landscape architects, environmental and energy consultants, contractors, owners, and building managers – are brought together early in the course of development, so the decisions made by the team will achieve high-performance buildings of the present and future. Building systems are viewed from the different perspectives of many relevant parties, but their interconnectivity will impact building performance.

With Eco-Synergy Advisors as part of the integrated team, design decisions can be made based on information, evaluations, and testing.  Getting the most out of any building requires intelligent planning and well-informed implementation.  Through concentrated organization and the use of energy modeling, we will seamlessly weave your energy goals into the whole building design.  Bringing Eco-Synergy Advisors into the discussion early will help you and your team discover the best solutions for critical building energy issues.  Whether the project is new construction, an existing structure, or master planning, our counsel will prove invaluable in achieving the results you seek.