As a homeowner or home buyer, you may have questions regarding sustainable building, energy efficient remodeling, or Indoor Air Quality? Before you make a purchase decision or embark upon your “green” journey, be sure to contact the certified home performance professionals at Eco-­Synergy Advisors to help you make sense of all the sales pitches and product hype.

Eco­-Synergy Advisors offers personalized consulting services for homeowners who desire a one on one engagement. Clients often come to us to run multiple energy models based on different improvement scenarios. For instance, ESA can calculate the savings and cost of installing attic insulation rather than replacing an HVAC unit. The difference in improvement costs is thousands of dollars.

Other clients may ask us to provide Project Management services, essentially overseeing the entire home performance improvement process. We can analyze your improvement needs, perform energy upgrades and provide post improvement testing to confirm the scope of work was completed.