Comprehensive Evaluation

Our energy auditors will perform a comprehensive energy efficiency audit of your home to determine energy losses and potential indoor health risks. This form of audit is our most extensive and has become the audit of choice by clients seeking relief from high utility bills and those experiencing comfort issues.

The comprehensive audit provides the homeowner with an opportunity to identify areas where the greatest energy efficiency can be achieved. Our certified energy experts utilize a battery of diagnostic testing that includes:

  • Blower Door Testing - Utilized to determine the overall leakage in a home. This test quantifies the amount of air entering or leaving your home under a particular pressure. It is key in helping diagnose energy losses and potential Indoor Air Quality issues.
  • Duct Blaster Testing - ­ This test is used to determine the amount of conditioned air leaking out of your AC duct system and into your attic. A leaky duct system can be costly and cause Indoor Air Quality problems.
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) ­ - CAZ testing is used to ensure gas appliances in your home are not emitting elevated Carbon Monoxide levels into the home.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera - ­ The thermal imaging camera is a great tool to help determine inadequate or improper installation of insulation, hidden moisture issues, or in conjunction with the other testing like the blower door to visually determine where air is entering or escaping from the home.
  • Energy Modeling ­ - Eco­ Synergy Advisors utilizes energy models in order to take construction details and mechanical components unique to your home into consideration when making recommendations. The energy model generates an estimate of a homeowners current utility bills as well as the corresponding savings from anticipated energy efficiency upgrades.

Comprehensive energy audits have the option of being certified through the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). A certified energy audit is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and required by programs like EnergyStar or LEED for Homes. Certified energy audits are also recognized by lenders and can make a homeowner eligible to finance energy upgrades with an Energy Improvement Mortgage.