Attic Insulation

Eco-Synergy Advisors now installs attic insulation.  From recycled cellulose to non-VOC fiberglass insulation we have a solution sure to increase comfort and lower utility bills.  By adding insulation, you are creating a thermal blanket between your living space and attic that shields your home from extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.  The location of your home will determine the level or R-Value of the insulation you need.  The recommended R-Value in South Central Texas is R-38.  Most older, and even some new homes, have inadequate insulation levels.
When considering any energy improvement, proper sequencing of energy upgrades is essential to ensure good performance today and avoid problems in the future. Eco-Synergy Advisors will customize your insulation install by developing a well thought out plan that addresses removal of existing insulation if applicable, duct and air sealing, ventilation, and proper precautions around heat sources like chimneys, recessed lighting, or exhaust pipes.  Eco-Synergy Advisors utilizes its building science expertise and takes a "whole house approach" when making energy improvements to your home so you can rest assured only the best, most cost-effective methods are being implemented.