Wall Insulation

Eco Synergy Advisors now installs wall insulation. The exterior walls of many older homes are not insulated, allow air-leakage, and are a major source of heat gain in the cooling seasons and heat loss in the heating seasons. Inadequate wall insulation can have a direct impact on comfort, efficiency, and, potentially, indoor air quality. In general, our preferred method of insulating walls to get the best combination of performance and cost-effectiveness is to use dense-pack blown cellulose insulation, a non-toxic, recycled product which uses far less energy to produce than other, usually less effective, methods of insulating. This method can be used in existing walls and does not require major renovation, such as sheetrock removal, but can also be applied in exposed walls to achieve the same benefits of dense-pack installation.

When installed to the proper density in the wall cavity (3.5 – 4.5 pounds per cubic foot) dense-pack cellulose addresses heat transfer related to walls – radiation, convection, and infiltration (air-leakage), making it an ideal choice for existing homes which are leaky and uncomfortable. By comparison, fiberglass batt insulation (the pink rolls) is rarely installed correctly to achieve good R-Value performance and requires sheetrock removal to be used in an existing home. In addition, most contractors offering cellulose wall insulation do not use adequate material or installation methods to achieve the density necessary to realize the best insulation performance; meaning air will continue to leak through wall cavities, insulation will settle, and comfort issues will persist. Our installers are trained using our in-house “dense pack demonstration wall” to ensure an installation density necessary to achieve good performance, based on proven building science, thereby solving your comfort issues and saving money.