Whole House Air Sealing

Eco-Synergy Advisors offers air-sealing services. The majority of houses are leaky, with far more air exchange between the inside and outside than is necessary to deliver adequate fresh air to residents. While we all know that leaky windows and doors can be a source of discomfort and can affect our heating and cooling bills, in most buildings it is the unseen or “hidden leaks” that are a major cause of comfort and efficiency issues. Uncontrolled air movement in a home is one of the most important, yet least understood aspects of good and healthy building performance and is likely to be ignored by most traditional “one size fits all” home contractors.

In reality, correctly identifying and reducing major areas of uncontrolled air leakage is one of the best, and should be one of the first improvements a homeowner should consider. Air sealing saves energy, increases comfort, protects the thermal performance of insulation, reduces heating and cooling loads, & reduces moisture migration (humidity) into the building cavities and living space. As a bonus, air-sealing measures increase indoor air quality and prevent bugs and other critters from entering the home.

By employing good building science and the best diagnostic tools in the Home Performance Industry (blower doors, infrared imaging, duct leakage diagnostics, indoor air quality sampling), Eco-Synergy Advisors staff of highly trained professionals can quantify the amount of excess air leakage and identify the most significant sources as they relate to comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality. We will identify and execute the best, most cost-effective air –sealing strategies, followed by verification testing to ensure your improvements are making a difference.