Build San Antonio Green

Build San Antonio Green (BSAG) is San Antonio’s native “green” certification program for both new and existing construction. BSAG’s program is unique in the sense that it provides homeowners with multiple levels of energy efficient building or remodeling to meet their needs. You can use BSAG’s easy to follow guidelines to retrofit your existing home, or shoot for the stars and build a Level 3 Solar home capable of generating enough energy to eliminate your utility bills.

The benefit of the BSAG program is the flexibility afforded to homeowners and the relatively low cost of participation. Eco­-Synergy Advisors (ESA) maintains a close alliance with BSAG through our direct involvement with existing home retrofits and new home construction projects we certify for the program.

ESA can perform the initial energy evaluation on an existing home and help the client determine what home improvements are best suited for the age, construction detail, and planned use of the home. Your Eco­-Synergy Advisor will summarize the list of recommended improvements in an easy to understand report. Each recommendation corresponds to an estimated yearly savings, simple payback, and savings to investment ratio (SIR). The goal of the evaluation is to provide homeowners with valuable information that will help them make informed decisions during the planning and design phase, thus avoiding costly changes during construction.

The guidance from your friendly Eco­-Synergy Advisor doesn't end with the initial evaluation. ESA will return upon the completion of your project and update the energy model through the use of diagnostic testing and confirmation that BSAG guidelines and protocols were followed. The follow-up energy evaluation takes all the improvements into consideration and calculates the new savings.  We will certify your home through the Residential Energy Savers Network (RESNET), a national non-­profit organization recognized for its training and certification standards by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Agency, and U.S. mortgage industry.