Energy Star

Arguably the most recognized residential energy efficiency program, Energy Star began as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiative in 1992 to reduce pollution by partnering with manufacturers to produce products that consumed less energy. In 1995 the EPA expanded its initiative to include an Energy Star labeling system for homes. Fast forward 15 years and by the year 2010, 25% of all single family homes being built were certified with the Energy Star label.

In its current form, the Energy Star certification of a home means that your home will be 20-­30% more efficient than non­ Energy Star homes.  The road map laid out in the Energy Star for homes program increases your homes durability, reduces maintenance costs, ensures comfort, and helps create a healthy indoor air environment.

Why is this important? For most home buyers a home will be the largest investment they make. Savvy investors are concerned with seeing a return on their investment (ROI) and with an Energy Star home your return on investment is realized by the energy savings you receive, increased comfort and a reassurance your home will be operating at a high performance level.

Eco-­Synergy Advisors specializes in working with homeowners and builders on custom projects. We take all the worry and hassle out of the stringent Energy Star guidelines, performance testing, and verification requirements. Unsure what a thermal enclosure checklist is, or what an ACCA Manual J load calculation is?  Don't worry because we know.  ESA can guide you and your builder/architect through every step of the Energy Star certification process.